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Re: Hillclimb Revisited

In a message dated 96-06-25 07:49:45 EDT, you write (Chris ):

>I don't know if they sold the TQC at Mt Washington, but I took a minute to
>look it over and pick up their list of repaired/replaced items. Why is it
>TQC owners keep these lists close by?, Sigh...
>They bought it in Dec '88 and have since replaced....
>LF window motor.
>Rear exhaust.
>Fuel pump.
>Front exhaust.
>Clutch Slave Cyl
>RF window motor.
>Clutch master cyl.
>Control arm bushes.
>Da bomb.
>Front brake discs and pads.
>The above list is just major repairs and does not include tune-up tyoe odds
>'n' ends.

What do you mean? I thought these were tune up parts!

Sorry I missed all you audians I had to fly to Denver on Sunday. I did see an
UrQ heading north on I-93 in Concord at 0630 Sunday. Was that anyone here?

-Rich Thomas
'83 UrQ