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Help! Temp. Gauge....

Hi Folks,

My recently acquired 1990 90Q20v came with a temp gauge that was not   
working correctly....realizing this....I added this repair to the list of   
things to
have remedied by Euro-Sport Automotive in Merrimack, NH.  I was told that   

the cause was a malfunctioning temp sensor switch as it had been in my
'87 5Ks.  When I say that it was broken.....the gauge would only register   
few degrees above ice cold and the fan would not trigger even when the   
engine was idling in traffic.
Here's the deal>> Euro-Sport replaced the switch and didn't bother to   
 how it worked before I picked it up last night.  I've now invested in an
 $88 switch plus installation labor and the guage is still reading like
 I'm dumping ice cubes in the radiator.  The oil temp never reads
 higher than about 75C so I'm not overly concerned.
Here's the question....Ever seen this?
          Euro-Sport is suggesting that my thermostat may be
   permanently stuck open.......would this cause the
   engine to run that cool (gauge reading about 1/5 of
   the way past nothing)....

What do you folks think?  Baffled...but not too badly.

Thanks in advance for the help........

PS: Mr. Glen Powell, was that your wagon I saw at Euro-Sport?
 Did Mt. Washington do a number on you?

 Paul Royal
 1990 90Q20v
 1987 5Ks
 1967 SS/RS Camaro