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Bad Audi Parts Place

	You should never write a letter when you are pissed.  Good 
advice, probably, but since this is just an e-mail to the world, not a 
letter, guess I am o.k.

	Last week went to the local Audi dealer [AutoPlex--Terre Haute, 
Indiana].  Asked the part guy for a timing belt for "an '89 200tq, with 
the dual knock sensor motor".  After about 15 minutes of acting like he 
was doing me a big damn favor in getting me the part, he hands me a 
timing belt.  Since, of course, I did not have part number for the one I 
needed, I asked him to double check and make sure this was the right 
one.  "No doubt about it".  

	Well, get the car apart today, WRONG!!!!!!!!!

	Call them back--this is how the conversation [clean part] goes, 
after I tell them they completely screwed up:

	Audi dealer:  "Oh, you need a timing belt for the 89 turbo dual 
knock sensor motor?"

	Me:  Yes, we have been over that now 3 times

	Audi dealer [hereafter called "idiot"]:  Oh.  Well, you should 
have said you had the '89 20 valve motor in the 1st place.

	Me:  What the hell are you talking about?

	Idiot:  Well the '89 200 had the 20 valve turbo motor.

	Me:  No, it has the 10 valve.

	Idiot:  No, that is the problem.  You have the 20 valve.

	Me:  Are you kidding?  The 20 valve turbo motor wasn't sold here 
until the 1991 model year.

	Idiot:  No.  1989.

	--Get the picture?  Come on Audi  WAKE UP!!!!  Your 
dealers...well, need I say more?  The dumbass gave me a belt for the 4 
cylinder.  Amazing.