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Re: Help! Temp. Gauge....

   >          Euro-Sport is suggesting that my thermostat may be
   >   permanently stuck open.......would this cause the
   >   engine to run that cool (gauge reading about 1/5 of
   >   the way past nothing)....

   Is this when driving at speed or in traffic??  Even with a thermostat stuck
   open, you would see a reading around 1/2 the way to "H" or so in traffic.
   On cool days at speed you could be around 1/4 or less...

If the thermostat is truly stuck open, at idle you will run hot (rad
fan keeps cycling), while on the highway, you will run way too cold,
especially on cool days. In slow traffic, you will probably run hot,
as you need lots of cooling air to cool it down (like 40+mph, in my
recent observations -- at 60+mph it'll overcool, at 20-mph, it'll 
need the rad fan to keep cool; observations based on '83 UrQ with a
good head [coolant] temp guage).