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Re: Stay Outa Them Bars

Quick-- Unka' Bart-- give him back his green jobbies (and add some blue and
yella' ones whilz yerattit)

At 11:06 AM 6/25/96 CDT, Al Powell wrote:
[serious snips applied]

>1 Bar = 1 ATMosphere, Jah?     Und.....
>Scuba divers know that 1 ATM @=15 psi at sea level.     Ergo.....
>1  Bar @= 15 psi.      Ergo....
>Your car has @30 psi oil pressure at idle, which is EXCELLENT! (clap 
>hands together here and imitate playing guitar...).  And at road speed, 
>you have almost 75 psi.  Whoa, dood!  What totally bitchin' oil pressure!!!!
>I'd like my medication now, please.......
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