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re:4KQ Stereo

I did some upgrades when I first bought the car in 86.  The front speakers can
be replaced with a number of units, but the key is to get a REALLY good
non-directional speaker in there, because one is really just playing into the
windscreen.  I put the Boston Accoustic 3.5 inch, and they have delivered
exceptional sound for almost 10 years now.  They are still made, and can be
found at various places for about 120 /pair.  Sounds like a lot,  but worth it.
Also, the cones are made out of something high-tech, which doesn't offer much
sound improvement, but does off greater longevity from the sun shining down
through the windscreen.

I put a small Sony amp. 4x25 in the little cubby hole to the left of the
steering whell.  ala, glove-box.  Mounted it on the top, and you can hardly even
see it from the driving position. 

Speaker, RCA and power wires for a Bazooka SAS subwoofer and amp mounted in the
trunk ran very nicely along the drivers side door frame.  The left side
kick-panel comes off with a bolt.  just peel the fauxcarpet off, and there is a
Philippl screw there.  The handle for the bonet shall need to be removed first.
The rubber stripping on the door sill comes easilly free, and then run the wires
under the carpet, and then under the rear seat(which comes out easilly)  Don't
run the RCA too close to the main power however, as this could cause sound

Mounted a second amp, for the Sub, on the lower surface of the rear deck(the
metal part in the trunk)  Flat amps work the best, and don't really sacrifice
any space at all.  The Bazooka sub mounted nicely along the raised area in the
trunk and I have a quick-connect molex connector if I ever want to remove it in
order to make more space.  But, I find that the car runs faster with it in
place. :-)

Head unit.  I threw the audi unit in the trash, literally.  I put the Porsche
CD-2 unit in its place, and can succesfully jumps the car four wheels in the
air, without skipping Pavrotti a step!!  This unit was made for the tough
suspension of the America Roadster, but I put a sony changer in there.  (Lots of
space under the bonet there)  There can still be found, I have two extras if you
are looking for a good headunit.

Hope this helps.
Call for any other help
Nick out
4KCSQ Not enough snow if S. Cal, so let's try it out on the beach!!