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Audi Subsidized Leases

My 1990 200T just passed 125,000 miles and I'm considering getting a new 
I know there are many out there that will respond, "It's just getting broken 
in", however,
I'm probably going to get a new one before this one "just get's broken."

I am in the market for a new Audi A6 Quattro and want to get a fair deal.  I 
the best negotiating stance is to have information with you when you 
a deal.  I'm considering leasing the Audi.

Does Audi offer subsidized leases?  What are the details?  If not, does 
know of plans that Audi has to offer subsidized leases in the future?

Subsidized lease offer the best value to the consumer because
usually the cap cost is below dealer invoice.  Also, subsidized leases 
bump up the residual value:
     49% for a 3 year, 15,000 mile/yr 1996 Audi A6 lease
     51% for a 3 year, 12,000 mile/yr 1996 Audi A6 lease
     53% for a 3 year, 10,000 mile/yr 1996 Audi A6 lease

Some comparable cars with subsidized leases have residuals around 70%.
Some car manufacturers have bumped residuals extremely high to make leasing
more enticing.  Manufacturers often subsidize the financing charge.

These 3 factors - low capitalized cost - high residual value - low finance 
all mean low monthly lease payments.

Also, does Audi offer a single-payment lease where the consumer can make one
up-front payment and then have the car for 3 years?

If anyone has specific details regarding this, the information would be 
Information I'm interested in includes:  How much below the dealer invoice 
price is the
cap cost for a subsidized lease car?  How much above the 49% residual value
is a subsidized lease's residual value?  What is the money factor for an 
subsidized lease?

I'll probably be trading in the 1990 200T, but if anyone wants information, 
or wants to
buy it, drop me a note.

>From Edumund's Used Car Buying Guide:
4 Dr 200 Turbo Sdn
MSRP      $33,405
Avg. Wholesale $ 9,850
Avg. Retail    $12,150

Subtract 3250 for high mileage and the ranges are 6600 - 8900 (retail to 
I'll take the first offer over $6000.  Car is in Suburban Philadelphia.


Ken Gorman

1990 200T
1987 5000 CST

215-641-3390 ( days)
215-675-7032 ( evenings )