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billfree@interlynx.net said:
> Excuse ME !
> But do you really think that synthetic oil would have prevented this from 
> happening.
> Bill
> W. Erskine" <cbwde@digital.net> wrote:
> Sure would have been nice if consumer reports published the actual wear 
> >data.  I tell you after replacing my turbo due to a siezure caused by 
> >oil coke build up behind the exhast turbin (caused by minute scratch in 
> >shaft under seal) i would not use anything but synthetic in a turbo 
> >car.

In my **opinion** Bill, yes. One of the most desirable 
characteristics of synthetic oil in a TURBO car is its ability to 
resist coking/burning onto turbo bearings *which are usually just a 
bushing, not even a bearing.  If synthetic did not prevent such a 
failure, it almost certainly would considerably extend the service 
life of the turbo before it would fail.

That's my **opinion**, and I'm stickin' to it.

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