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> From: "P-O Selander" <P-O_SELANDER@ccgate1.exu.ericsson.se>
> My brake light has started to "stay" on. Did it in the beginning 
> only at low rpms and when breaking, but now it is constant. Lots 
> of fluid and the breaks works great. Pads are almost new and all 
> disc are in good shape. Car has no ABS.
> Only get 1-2 pumps before the the pedal looses its "soft" 
> assisted feel.
> When driving over these small bumpy lane dividers, the light 
> seem to go out somewhat.
> Once again, the brakes works great. My car is a "beater" to take 
> me back and from to work, and I'd like to keep it in shape 
> without any major (expensive) repairs.
> SO, do I jeopardize SAFETY by not having the "PA" (bomb) 
> replaced, or is it more of a "convinience" item for cars with 
> ABS (to make for a smoother ABS function)?

IMO, you should replace it.  Your brake response is affected - and 
without ABS, it's more critical.  The cheap (and temporary) way out 
is to buy a used one from a wrecking yard...and they're really easy 
to replace - about a 45-minute job.  But make sure you get a 
guarantee and have spare Pentosin around, because you may have to try 
more than one to get one which has some life left in it.

If you go thru Carlesn or Blaufergnugen, you can get a good buy on a 
new one.  In the long run, that's a sounder decision.  Blaufergnugen 
recently had a sale and beat Carlsen on my shinky new bomb by about 

IMO, this is a part like a water pump or brake shoe - it has a 
service life and will expire.  When it does, replace it with a good 

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