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Re: Correct ID of 200 turbo quattro

> Please excuse the new 91 200 turbo quattro owner question. The salesman
> (he had been selling Audi's for a long time) told me that all 200
> Quattros are turbos. Seemed a pet peeve of his that people refered to
> them as "Turbo Quattro's". Is the correct (for this group anyway) way to
> id one 200TQ or just 200Q? Is the 20v necessary or are they all 20v? The
> TQ seems redundant if what the salesman said is true. Or is it that
> maybe just all 91 200Q's are turbos and the prior years are not?

I believe you're right, that they are officially a 200 quattro, not a 200 turbo
quattro. All 200's were turbos, only the 91's were 20v. However, because the old
5KS were "turbo quattros", I think it sticks.

Hey, I just bought one of the hottests Audi's ever produced (IMHO), I'm gonna
add the damn word TURBO to it if I want to!

> Mike Miller
> Bonney Lake, WA.
> 91 200Q (Pearl) mine
> 91 Caprice Classic (maroon) wifes 
> 87 GMC Jimmy, wifes - for sale (now that we have a "real" 4wd !!!!! )
> 81 4k 5+5 (blue) - parting
> 81 4k 5+5 (white) 200k mi - for sale
> 74 F350 Camper Special with 10 ft camper.

91 200 TQ
87 5KSQ (for sale)

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