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Meine Klunk!

On Fri, 28 Jun 1996, Al Powell wrote:

> One probably pertinent fact that I didn't mention earlier was that 
> the clunk appeared IMMEDIATELY after getting the car back following a 
> transmission R&R.  Does that prompt thoughts of any likely missed 
> bolts or sneaky little Teutonic assemblies they might hvae missed 
> (along with the + cable to the starter they forgot to tighten...)

There are a select few cars that I maintain for friends.  Occasionally one
of them sends me a new 'customer' (victim is more like it, hehehe) and the
first question I always ask is "Who worked on this last, and what did they
purport to do?"  That often leads me to the problem if I assume the
previous mechanic screwed up.  Jobs previous to that one are generally not
relevant, since the car had managed to run long enough for a new problem
to surface. 

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