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Re: S4/S6 vs. 200TQ 20V

At 05:38 PM 6/27/96 -0700, Eliot Lim wrote:
>i would take an s4/s6 because it has a stiffer body and thus better
>handling and ride.  plus i love that overboost....

This is a big difference from the ''91 200q vs. the '92-on S4/S6--according
to one salesman (he owns the '91 200q, with Ned's chip) the later car is
about 30+% stiffer, from design instead of extra bracing (afterthought)
around the strut towers as on the earlier cars.  btw, this salesman says if
you already have the '91 200q, it doesn't make a lot of sense to move up
unless you have $$$ to burn.  interesting comment from one who sells cars
for a living. (actually, he sells cars to support his speed/track
addiction--highly tweaked 911 and crotch rockets!)

The later car also has a better ventilation system (and much better looking
control panel for it).  one minor nit:  if the S4/S6 has the same dash as my
dad's '92 100s, it has an analog clock instead of the stupid digital one on
the earlier cars.  

minor downside:  per Ned, the S4/S6 cannot ultimately be tweaked as high as
the earlier car--look at the intake plumbing and you'll see why.  otoh, i
believe his products takes either motor to about the same point right now.
As for the overboost, just get a chip (Ned's, Jo's, Peter's, etc.) and it's
not just "over" it's always available.
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