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CDN Re: S4/S6 vs. 200TQ 20V

>a good place to look for used S4/S6s would be canada.  assuming that canadian
>cars can be easily imported here, the prices appear to be quite a bit lower
>than in the US.

Hey , Hey ,Hey ...   You guys stay on your side of the line for your toys.
I'm waiting for $4 prices to intersect with my money allocation. If all of 
the S4's are gone I will not be happy..... 

>i think an even better alternative to the S4/S6/200TQ is the a4 1.8T.
>state of the art suspension, gorgeous exterior styling, low low price,
>gorgeous interior, fold down rear seats and much lower weight. (!!)
>and an engine that has practically the same infinite tuning
>potential....  why buy a used S4 when the same money will buy the a4
>1.8T plus a s***tload of aftermarket tweaks.
The A4 is still a 4 cyl , to me that is a major negative for noise and 
exhaust note. Audi will raise the price of the A4 soon and with Taxes
here will result it a $15000 Cdn difference. 

To by a new car and then have to tweak it just to get close to the 
S4 with further stretch the gap.

The A4 though is more my size of car and so cute :)
Patrick  James                            
 86 4000q  - Just keeps going and going.......
 82 Honda CX Turbo 
 S4 soon