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UrQ v. 944t, etc.

	While I do love these Audi's, and I'm still waiting to get my 
hands on a cheap UrQ, the debate about race stuff [ie., 1/8th mile; 1/4 
mile; 0-60; 0-?] while fun, I believe misses the point.

	When discussing the U.S. spec stock UrQ, it has features that few 
"performance" cars can touch.  But, drag-race type performance ain't one 
of those features.  A stock UrQ can't touch a properly driven 944t 0-30, 
0-60, 0-100.  Same is true when compared to the dorF 5.0 pony car, the 
z-28's, or any of at least a dozen redneck cherished rides. But, I think 
this is looking at all the wrong things.  An UrQ destroys all of the 
above whenever the weather gets funny [and in looks, IMHO].  When you 
talk "performance" car 365 days a year, the Audi tq's are without peer.

	So, if you are lucky enough to have a cherry UrQ under the ol' 
car-port, love it for what it is:  the best damned all-weather German 
coupe most of us will ever be able to afford!