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A couple of minor A4Q things...

> From: kawo@www.internetizen.com
> Date: Sat, 29 Jun 1996 09:50:21 -0700 (PDT)
> Subject: Re:  A couple of minor A4Q things...
> I am planning to buy an A4Q this morning.
> After I read all the problems...
> Now I am kind of holding back.
> The dealers keep pushing me to make a deal.
> Is A4Q is a good car as all the magazine say???
> Paying 30K for a new car, still have problems...
Kawo, I'd like to add my experience to this thread.  

Got my A4Q in March and it now has 4200 miles.  Problems
to report--zero.  It is a sweet car to drive and I am 
most pleased with it.  I had an 85 coupe GT (not quattro)
and passed it on to my son with 245,000 miles on it.
It's particulary fun driving on the mountain roads around
here, gripping the road in the turns most positively.

I ordered this A4Q from the factory because I wanted 
black fabric (not leather) and did not want the ski boot,
heated seats, etc. that were on most of the dealer models.
It took 3 months but I was not in a hurry for a car that 
I expect to keep 10 years like my 85 which is still in fine

As for the mileage that some have quoted, I get about 29 mpg
on the higway at ~68mph and 20-plus in Colorado Springs,
elevation 6000 feet, with 87 octane.  I admit I am easy
on it though, and it's a manual 5-speed.  In contrast my 85
got about 10% higher mileage in the summer, about the same
in winter.

It's true there is some brake dust, but it washes off with
ease and isn't any particular annoyance to me.  

I definitely side with the several others who have suggested
you look at the value of the car and don't be overly concerned
about the problems that have been reported.