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Re: Therostat & Fan Switch Replacement Help?

Paul F. Levine, paulevi@psd.k12.co.us wrote:

>Thanks for the reply. One really basic question remains - how to drain 
>and refill the radiator. I can find a draincock on the raditor like on 
>"other" cars nor a cap on the radiator for refilling. sound like you've 
>done this a few times. Help would be appreciated.

I think you mean to say you CAN'T find a draincock or drainplug. Such a 
thing, of course, would be a major convenience for draining the system, 
but it wouldn't necessarily work with the engine you have (I have the 
2.2l 5cyl non-turbo). Because of the location and configuration of the 
thermostat and heater hose (on my car), the system can only be drained by 
pulling the hose (at the bottom of the rad.) that comes from the 
expansion tank. That's only half of it. You also have to pull the heater 
hose that's connected to the thermostat housing. That'll drain the whole 
system (at least a 2.2l five). And it's not fun. 

As for filling the system, just pour your coolant/water mixture into the 
expansion tank. Fill it. Then run the engine at a high idle until it 
warms. Stop the engine and recheck the coolant level. You might want to 
keep some extra coolant mixture (50/50) in the trunk of your car for the 
first few times out until your sure no more will fit in the system (check 
your owner's manual for cooling system capacity -- 2.2l non-turbo is 8.1 
litres or 8.6qt).

One more thing: I found draining the system to be really messy. You'll 
have to stick a couple of buckets under the car, but even then, coolant 
will spill all over the place. Make sure you clean the area with a water 
hose when done (ethylene glycol has a sweet taste, but it'll kill you, 
pets, children, etc.). Coolant is hazardous waste and should be disposed 
of properly.

You might be able to fit an inline drain plug in your system to 
facilitate draining/flushing the next time. 

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