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Re: 85 Coupe GT Lock Core changes

Hairy green toads from Mars made Christian Hollyer and/or Mike Zappone say:

> The previous owner of my car had to change the tumbler set on my driver side
> door, so now I have two keys, ignition passenger side, and driver side.
> My mechanic (for those repairs not to be dared without professional help)
> said you can set the tumblers to whatever you want so, the person who
> previously changed had no clue and should have set it the same as the old key.
> I have to mess around inside the door and was wondering if anyone had any
> idea how to do this?  Is it worth my effort?  Thanks.

It's likely too late now.

You can *swap* tumblers quite easily from one cylinder to another.
But assuming that the old cylinder is gone, you can't do that any more.


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