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UrQ / 5.0 rustangs, vettes & camaro's

	Glen [being the owner of a darn nice UrQ] sez before mods it 
stomped tar out of rustangs, etc. >>>off-the-line, 0-30, 0-60, 1/8 mile<<<

	I have re-learned the age old lesson of never arguing speed and 
"who would win if raced" unless you are standing at the track helmet in hand!

	My earlier observation was just that:  My observations based on 
what I have seen happen.  The 5.0 GT's, z-28's [and vettes, for that 
matter] while not my cup-o-tea, were money takers box stock--if driven 
ba*** out.  If you say a stock '85 UrQ beat 'em up, then, being my Audi 
kin, I believe you.  I have no idea what had been "modified" on the 5.0, 
nor do I know how he chose to leave the hole or what he chose as shift 
points.  Those things make the difference between beating cars he 
shouldn't and losing to cars he shouldn't.  But, lemme in your friends 
ride and, I do believe, YMWV :)  Friendly banter, not a flame:)