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Scanned BMPs of Mt. Wash. Hillclimb

Hi Folks,

 First, thanks to those for ideas/help on temp gauge; it seems to be
a popular item...if only Audi monitored this....or do they?

 Second, I've got some pretty nice bitmaps of the Mt. Washington   
Hillclimb taken from turns 27 on Saturday and 19 on Sunday.  Also, I've   
got a fairly nice closeup of the winning AUDI at speed and at rest with   
the winning driver.  I'll send the BMPs to anyone requesting them from me   
at this address:
You are welcome to post them or use them as you wish....just give me   
credit. Please don't ask about all kinds of computer formats,   
downloading, system junk...etc....these bitmaps will come as is.  I will   
entertain special requests of cars you might have seen run...I have most   
of them.  Please allow a couple of days to fulfill requests.

 Thanks and Have a GOOD One!

    Paul Royal
    1990 90Q20v
    1987 5Ks
    1967 SS/RS Camaro