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Another Bomb

> From: Michael Tan <michael.tan@usask.ca>

> My dad has an 86 Audi 5000S and as everybody knows, repairs are fairly
> costly with this car though the car is fun to drive albiet a little
> underpowered.

> Right now, the brake booster does not seem to work at times as the local
> mechanic describes.  We don't have an Audi dealer in North Battleford or in
> Saskatoon any more, where we bought the car from.  I have read past messages
> that the brake pressure accumulator could be at fault.  The pedal is hard to
> push, as if the engine were off, but pushing on the brakes gets the brake
> feeling normal.  Sometimes the brake warning light would come on but the car
> would brake normally and sometimes the brake pedal would be stiff.  Is the
> brake pressure accumulator at fault and if so, what is the approximate cost
> of such a repair?

Sounds like the bomb to me.  From the dealer, the part will be $400 
and an hour's labor, plus $20 +/- of pentosin.  On the aftermarket 
you can buy the same part for $250 +/-, install yourself in an hour 
or pay the dealer - or an independent shop.  It's a very easy job.  
Make sure they use the correct pentosin (7.1 or 11) for your car.  
DON'T buy the part from the dealer!

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