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Re: Gauges, fuel and temperature

>Hi all,
>Two quick questions (as new to Audi 100 E, 1989):
>1.What is the "normal" reading of the water temp gauge? Mine
>normally never goes up to more than 1/3 (or just pass the first
>"thick" mark). Is this normal?

My 1990 100 has done the same thing for the last six years; I too have
wondered about it...up until now no ill effects seem to be a result of it.

>Second one:
>Is there a "low fuel indicator" on the Audi (without trip
>computer)? It's pretty hard to tell when the fuel tank is close
>to empty since there is no light that comes on.

My 100 (w/o computer) has a warning light in the center between the speedo
and tach that indicates low fluids (etc.) with an annoying tone. It
indicates when fuel gets near empty. It generally cycles through the system
when you first start the car. Maybe yours is not working.