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Re[2]: A4Q bugs

In a message dated 96-07-01 16:29:50 EDT,  "Steven Kim"
<Steven_Kim@mail.roe.com> writes:

>Another time, I had them try to fix a rattling noise coming from the
>I brought it in twice for this repair.  They still haven't solved the
>First time I brought it in, they left tools and scrap foam padding in the
>and damaged the alarm sensor mounted on the B-post.  The second time I
>it in, they replaced the sensor, added more padding to stop the rattling and

>left grease stains on plastic trim piece covering the B-post (looked like
>mechanic worked on an engine and never washed his hands when he started on
>car).  On both visits, they drenched the rattling area with silicone spray.
>Overall, I felt their service was mediocre.  I'm going to try Jack Daniels
>Fair Lawn for my 7500 service and see if they're any better.

You should really try Bernardsville Audi - they have an excellent reputation
in my book. Talk to Chris, Service Manager there, tell him I sent you (if you
want to - nothing to gain here...)

Dorab (nivi@aol.com)
1993 S4
1990 CoupeQ
1986 Chevy Caprice