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A4 rear speakers:

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From: Byas U Nambisan at FMCCM16
Date: 7/1/96 4:00PM
To: quattro-owner@coimbra.ans.net at SMTPGATE
Subject: A4 rear speakers:
In an earlier posting I had mentioned that my A4 had two different 
casings for the rear speaker magnets (metal cover for left speaker and 
plastic for right).  I got two responses which were (seemingly) 
contradictory - One said that both were plastic on his Audi, while an 
other said that the right one contained an amp for both rear speakers 
and that is why they were removed.  Would like inputs from others.

Reply 1:
I just went to look at both my speakers.  Both are covered by plastic.  
So far (after 3 mths and 4.6 kmiles) have not noticed any problems with 
the CD Changer or Power Amp.  Any comments from the others ?  I am 
curious why yours has a metal cover.

Reply 2:
The metal casing is not a shield but a amplifier for the two rear 
speakers.  Its made by Nokia.  I justed removed mine and upgraded the 
rear speakers to the Polk 6.5 Studio Monitors, and a Sony AMP.  The 
Sound is fanastic now.