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misc mag articles

Just browsed the Complete Car and Sports Car International. Cool articles
on the A3, the A6 2.8 30valvo, and the BTCC A4. Donno how many people have
quoted, but I just didn't notice... (:

A3: 10cm longer than VW equiv., nearly as wide as A4, and tall as A6. What
differenciates it from VW? More cushy suspension, little bit more
overboost to steering, and fancier interior. Top engies are 1.8T, an
Audi variable geometry 210bhp turbo, and/or VW VR5 2.4 -- with option of
VW's Syncro AWD.

A6: Comparison with MBW 528i, Jag XJ Sport 3.2, and MB E280. Long story
short -- 1st, MB, 2nd, BMW, 3rd, Jag, 4th, Audi. The 2.8 30v V6 is
competitive, but the rest of the package -- the body itself -- is totally
out of date and shape with the new competition. Ride, handling, and
transmission are good, but exterior/interior are "depressing," "no sex
appeal," etc.

BTCC A4                          A4 2.6 quattro
1998cc, longitudinal, 5-valve    2598cc, 5-valve
296bhp @ 8250rpm                 150bhp @ 5500rpm
188ft-lb @ 7000rpm               166ft-lb @ 3500rpm
AWD, Torsen center, viscous      AWD, EDL tranction control system
locking front and rear
6-speed sequential gearbox       5-speed manual gearbox
front disc 343mm                 front disc 280mm
rear disc  330mm                 rear disc ???
no power brake, no ABS           power-assisted brakes, ABS
8x19 215/650 R19                 6x15 195/65 R15V
1040kg                           1285kg

So what's with BTCC A4? The engine is derived from the 1.8 (125bhp @
5800rpm, 128ft-lb @ 3950rpm). Strengthened transmission, center, fron, and
real differentials. The brakes can be balance adjusted in front-rear bias
while driving, and so are the two anti-roll bars. The transmission
is a clutchless sequential 6-speeder, a la motorcycle style. Really cool
big REAL carbon fibre air intake.

1996 MTM-Audi A4GT
longitudinal 1.8 I4, iron block, aluminum head, 5-valve
intercooled KKK turbocharger
286bhp @ 5800rpm
228ft-lb @ 2480rpm
8.5x17 245/40 R17Z
0 to 60: 5.1 sec
Top speed: 166mph

Hmmm... didn't I report on MTM before?

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