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Wanted: 5KCSTQ

Hello all,
I am in the market for an '87-88 5KCSTQ
I want a stick, good condition, all records,
preferably black, pearl white (if avail), or red,
Just send me posts with details on cars for sail,
NOTE: I will drive across the U.S. to get this car,
I just wan a nice car for a good price that has no dings or dents
and interior looks good and is stock (I want to do the MODS)

Thanks a billion,
Rich Andrews

'83 5000ST (sold)
'84 Coups GT (dad's (sold))
'84 5000S (mew head and radiator this week; drilled air box, we'll see what
it does)
'85 5000S (mom's)
'86 5000S (was mom's before I wrecked it)
'88 90 (brother's)
'90 200 Turbo (dad's)