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The Audi mountain bike details

I know this subject was discussed in detail recently, but yesterday I
picked up the 'Quattro collection' brochure which gives the full
details on the two Audi mountain bikes and cycling clothing.

Here's the spec of the two bikes for those who are interested :

Quattro mountain bike R2

Frame : forged aluminium sleeves, CNC machined, adhesive bonded and
press-fitted with seemless-drawn aluminium tubes with
"gally-suspension", steel spring with oil damper.
Front forks : Marzocchi Zokes.
Brakes and gears : Shimano STX.
Rear damper : elastomer element.
Frame sizes : 42.0, 45.5, 49cm.
Price : 1150 UK pounds (inc. VAT).

Quattro mountain bike R2 pro

Frame : as R2 bike above
Front forks : WP Rond Hydro Pro II.
Brakes : Magura HS22 hydraulic.
Gears : Shimano XT.
Wheels : aluminium V-profile.
Frame sizes : 42.0, 45.5, 49cm.
Price :  1955 UK pounds (inc. VAT).

Both these bikes are available here in the UK from Audi Merchandising
Services.  If anyone would like to contact them, their address is :

Audi Merchandising Services
15 Mole Business Park
Station Road
KT22 7BA
Telephone +44 (0)1372 361444
Fax       +44 (0)1372 386385

Matt West
Oxford, England.
e-mail : matt@tdraft.demon.co.uk
1989 Audi Coupe 2.2E