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Mist 4K, 5K, Q and turbo parts 4sale & wanted

Misc 4000, 5000, Q and turbo parts for sale, trade and wanted


84 4000Q parts: complete interior, brown velour, including front seats (non-heated), rear seat bottom and back, rear seat belts, 4 door panels with speaker holes in front panels, all excellent condition, no rips, tears or stains, other misc interior trim stuff, will sep - offers?

4000Q BRAND NEW engine mounts, L & R - $100 the pair
PN 431 199 381 L (left)
PN 443 199 381 J (right)

14x6 Ronal 4000Q OEM wheels with COMP T/A R1s mounted and balanced - $350

Lightened ur-q crankshaft and big-bore JE turbo pistons for I5, forged, new,  .1000" oversize, far lighter Vs stock, non-interference piston-to-valve clearance - no damage if the rubber-band breaks, includes new rings installed, full-floating pins and retainers, skirts clearanced for stock oil squirters, ready to install - $450 the set of 5 pistons and matching ur-q crank or BO 

86-88 5000: BRAND NEW idle stabilizer module - $150 may fit other years/models PN 443 907 393 P


crankshaft for turbo I5 PN 035 105 021(used OK) from WR(ur-q)   WX(sport)  KW (early euro 200) & GV(no idea)motors or compl turbo engine/short block w/good crank cheap
Rollbar/cage for 4000Q or info on source for same
Racing seat(s) (used OK)
racing harness(es) 4 or 5 point (used OK)
15x7" wheels for 4000Q (used OK)
205-50-15 racin tahrs (used is OK)
front strut tower brace (used OK)

Call Glen @ 617.937.1822 or email gpowell@acacianet.com