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Re: Audi Phone

 PCW> From: "Paul C. Waterloo" <74543.407@CompuServe.COM>

 PCW> Does anybody know what the key looks like for the power supply (I
 PCW> guess that's what it is) for the phone in the trunk?

      I think that's the transceiver (the actual cell phone).

 PCW> The person I bought the car from has the connectors disconnected, and
 PCW> because it
 PCW> is locked in place, I can't get the connectors back on because of
 PCW> interferance with the side panels.

 PCW> I didn't get any other keys that I am aware of. Any suggestions?

      Any stereo place that installs car phones should have a
      key that will fit, there are 10 or so keys for ALL these
      locks.  The phone is a Motorolla unit, if you're having
      it activated, find a cell place that will clone it for
      you, that way you can have the car phone and a hand held
      on the same number. This isn't exactly kosher with the
      cell company, but I had mine done, the only thing you have
      to remember is to not use both phones at the same time.



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