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Re: Fuel Pump Relay and Check Engine Light

On Thu, 4 Jul 1996 11:45:21 -0400 Charles wrote:

(They socked me for $90 labor for the fuel pump!)  The only problem is now
the Check Engine light won't go off!  I try disconnecting the battery for 15
minutes.  No good.  Then I notice that the new fuel pump relay has a 15 amp
fuse in the top.  The old one had a place for a fuse, but no fuse.  When I
take the fuse out.  The Check Engine light goes out.  But the light doesn't

That fuse is NOT supposed to be there normally.  You only insert a fuse
there to check the on-board diagnosis system.  The check engine light will
come on with a fuse inserted into this slot.

When you say the light doesn't work anymore...when?  Do you mean it doesn't
come on when you start the car and then go out, or what?  

1988 90