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Pentosin and magical mystical fluids

Hey all...
    I'm a touch nervous here. When I went to the nasty shop in ohio and pulled
out my bottle of Pentosin, the owner said.. "ayuh.. that's the stuff..." even
while the junior mechanic mumbled that "well gee... isn't that the same stuff I
used for the power steering in that awh-dee a few days back." 
    So... for ignorant fools like myself and the record... what fluid goes
where? Doesn't Pentosin come in different grades for different applications?
Is Pentosin strictly for the power steering? 
    Most importantly: What do I do now? Should I schedule an appointment with
my mechanic, whom I affectionately refer to as the gnome, and have him flush
the system (pressure flush) and fill it with the proper fluid. I have to admit
that I am a touch nervous about this now. It seems, from the posts, that I am
running the incorrect fluid in my brake line. Somebody *please* clarify this
before I cause $$$$ damage to my(sometimes) Q. 
    In essence, I'm asking what the proper fluid is for each system in the car. 
A while back.. the pulley for the power steering pump came clean off the spool.
When this happened I lost the power to the brakes as well as to the steering.
SO.. I'm confused as all hell. If they use different fluids.. how can the loss
of one yield the loss of the other? 
                   Confused in Albany... 
                               The complete list:
                               85 Toyota Mr2
                               85 Civic Wagon 4wd
			       89 200Q
                               90 VW Golf
                               92 Miata 
			       96 A6
                               96 Civic EX

P.S. I hope everyone has a safe and very happy Independence Day!