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Re: Wide wheels on A4Q

Andy Poling wrote:
> Has anyone researched how much room there is under an A4Q for wide
> wheels/tires?  Keeping the stock offset seems wise as I'd hate to toss the
> magical suspension geometry Audi worked so hard for.  I also don't have a
> clue how an AWD vehicle reacts to a change in offset.  Any enlightenment is
> welcome in that category.
> I'm daydreaming of going +2 if I can fit some wide shoes under there.  I'm
> sure somebody's already looked into this and will bring me crashing back
> down to earth.
> I see that the Tire Rack has the BBS RF on sale pretty cheap: 17x8's for $185
> and 17x9.5 for $169(!).  A price like this is too good to be true, right?
> Hmm... 9.5" wide wheels... lessee... you could mount... yikes!
> -Andy (always looking for new ways to over-stress my vehicles)
> '91 Miata: "ZIP"          '96 A4 Quattro: "ZOOM"       '84 Yam RZ350: "ZING"
>                         '88 Bronco II 4WD: "ZZZZZ"
i just used the factory rims and replaced the tyres with a set of dunlop 
225/50/16...same overall diameter as the factory 205's, plus now the car 
is really sticky...