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Re: engine fan

On Fri, 5 Jul 1996 20:43:50 -0400 you wrote:

Of course something had to go wrong.  Everything was going too well.  Today
when I got off the freeway to go to work I noticed that the temp gauge was
reading higher than usual.  I listened for the engine fan but could not hear
it.  By the time I got the the parking garage,  the gauge was reading close
to the highest hot.  The fan was not on but as soon as I turned off the
engine it turned on.  Same thing on the way home except this time I had to
drive with the heater on full blast and the windows open below 65 mph!  The
fan turned on a few minutes after I took out the key.  I've had problems
before with the fan but back then it wouldn't turn off.  Now it won't turn
on!  What's wrong now?

This is an easy one.  The fan switch on your radiator, which senses coolant
temp and turns the fan on and off accordingly, is bad.  There is a seperate
switch which turns the fan on and off AFTER the engine has been turned off.
This switch senses ambient air temperature under the hood, and when it
reaches a certian temp, turns the fan on to remove as much heat as possible
for improved hot-starts.  I bet under hood temps are VERY HIGH when you shut
the thing off; hence, the fan comes on immediately.

Replace your radiator switch and I'll bet that will fix it.

1988 90