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Re: crankcase breather hose update]

Hairy green toads from Mars made EICHSTEV@aol.com say:

> >Has anyone heard of a crankcase breather hose update for the 2.3 10V??
> >Apparently...the rubber hose, which has a reputation for collapsing AND
> >cracking, has been updated by Audi to a metal pipe.  

> Don't know about an "update", but some of the older cars, my '85 5kt for
> example, used a metal pipe with a short piece of rubber hose.  Yes, this also
> went bad, so other than the expense of that $50 hose, you're not gaining much
> IMHO.  
> BTW, the rubber crankcase hose on my '86 5ktq lasted until 195k, so I wasn't
> too upset to replace it.

I just got this "update" done to my '89 100Q. The rubber hoses do
collapse on the NA engines; apparently they disintegrate on the turbos.

The updated part is a metal tube with a small inlet adapter attached.
I don't know what the inlet is for; some test I guess. The bad news
is that the hose was $10. The metal tube is $80. But it's supposed
to be a lifetime part.


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