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Re: Spark plugs...

Hairy green toads from Mars made John Mallick say:

> It appears that the my '91 200q 20v may be needing some new plugs to
> cure its stuttering problem under boost.  It uses those mucho $$$$
> Bosch Platins (number FP60R or something like that), and I was
> wondering if regular Bosch W7DTC's can be used in their place w/o
> damage.  Given the cost of $25/plug, I can do a heck of a lot of
> experimentation with the cheaper plugs for the cost of just one Platin
> plug.  


God, I love that Bentleys. The 3B engine does *not* spec the W7DTC
plugs; they are the <whatevers> you said above.

The size and heat range look different. Don't try this at home,
but it might be possible that the F7DTC that the 20V NA engine
uses is a better fit. I'm about to pop some into my 90Q20V.


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