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Re: Coupe Transmission on

 aspeer@mail.utexas.edu (Andrew J. Speer) writes:


 AJS> gear and the clutch was working fine. Amazingly I was able to drive
 AJS> home (what was that I heard about even mortally wounded Audis never
 AJS> stranding their owners?) through stop-and-go traffic and a couple of

                  <<Deletia of shifter problems>>
      Sounds like there is a problem with the shifter. Most
      likely it's a linkage bushing (they've been redesigned
      from the original).  Or it could be (forgot the
      name of part) a connector that looks like two 0's and
      a small connector in the middle. Or maybe the bolt
      that goes on the shaft one the tranny came loose.

      If it is a linkage problem it shouldn't be very
      expensive to fix.



      90 V8Q
      84 5KS

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