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Re: 86 4kcsq center diff refill

> From: Dan Cooke <dcooke@ptd.net>
> Date: Sat, 06 Jul 1996 16:38:21 -0400
> Subject: 86 4kcsq center diff refill
> Anyone know the procedure for replacing the fluid on the center diff
> on an 86 4kcsq?  As far as I can tell, the plug in way on top of the 
> diff housing -- what's the trick for getting to it with a wrench?
> TIA.
> Dan
> dcooke@ptd.net
> 86 4kcsq

If it is like my 87 5KS or 200, it has two drain plugs on the bottom of the
tranny/diff, one in the front on the side, and one in the rear on the bottom.
You need to open both of those plugs.

first, if I can't get it (which I couldn't on either of my cars), then I bring
it to the local joint to have them do it. But don't drain the fluid before you
know you can fill it up.

After you drain it, put the plugs back in and open the fill plug. Now you need
to have some kind of way to get the fluid back in the tranny. I have a hand
operated, positive displacement, hand pump. It looks like a bottle of cauk with
a larger diameter, and has a pluner/handle on one side and a metal hose on the
other. You stick it in the oil can, suck up the oil, then put the hose in the
fill hole and push the plunger.

You fill the tranny until the fluid comes out of the fill hole.

IMHO, if you don't have jackstands, a 17mm allen wrench, and other wrenches to
turn that one once you get it in, and at least 1-2 hours, spend the $15 to have
the guy at the oil change place do it. Tell them that it has two drain plugs (if
it's the same as mine).

I just got new Mobil 1 gear lube for the 200 and spent 1.5 hours on my back
trying to get the plugs undone, got the two drain plugs loosened, but couldn't
get the fill plug undone. Well.... back to the local guy. Should of been smart
in the first place.


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