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Re: Meca Coolant experience?

AUDIDUDI@delphi.com wrote:
> I just finished flushing the cooling system in my '89 200q and will finish
> installing my new radiator and hoses tomorrow when it's a little cooler (I
> don't usually have a problem with the heat here but when it's over 105 and
> you're working on a concrete driveway without any breeze, it tends to be a
> bit unpleasant.  I couldn't do it over at my "shop" because I don't have a
> hose or easy access to running water over there.).
> I am seriously considering installing the non-pressurized propylene gylcol
> setup I bought for my 4k racecar.  I know it has gotten mixed reviews from
> the press (among others, EC didn't like it) but many friends who use it in
> their cars swear by it.  Does anybody have any experience with it?  Seeing
> that the coolant runs approx. $30/gallon and purging the existing water in
> the system means a lot of work, I'd like to know how it worked in somebody
> else's Audi before I spend the time and trouble putting it in mine...
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  I understand that it is flamable??? Is this a good thing if you spring 
a leak in the cooling system??? 
    Just wondering.

     Marty S.