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Re: see Hoehn Audi/Acura in Carlsbad

Thanks for your advise.  I did went to Hoehn for a check-up and they did not
find anything wrong with my A4Q.  I did drove any 700 miles since.  They were
very helpful considering no appointment and did not charge me anything (since
it is my fault, not manufacturing defects).  If I ever want to buy a
Audi/Acura/Porsche and is near Carlsbad, definitely will give them first shot
at my business.  The service adviser was Sal Rivas.

One thing I did noticed after this incident is my AC has a lot of
condensation (or some part of the car just leak), each time I restart the car
or park, I noticed a large pool of water (I believe) under the car.  I don't
know if this is normal with 95-100+ F  weather or it has to do with the curb
hit or its always like that but did not notice it.  Any comments from other
A4 owners ?

Thanks and best regards.

See-Hack Foo