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Re: Waterford results

Graydon D. Stuckey wrote:
> Guys,
>         I ran the Waterford Hills Autocross today in the '86 5KCSTQ.
> Last year, I ran the 5KCSTQ, but it was all stock except for a little
> more boost pressure, and the crossdrilled brakes.....

Graydon's car looked very stable, but it obviously pushed quite a bit.  His 
driving looked really good.  On the straight, the car looked REALLY fast.  
Several people on the observation stand made comments about "that ole Audi" 
and how fast it was.  It always cracks me up when they make references like 
that.... if they only knew!!

>         I saw Steve Verona there today also.  He ran well, but his lack
> of power really hurt him in the overall times.  His car is set up for
> autocrossing in parking lots where you are turning all the time.  At
> Waterford, there are real straights, so power really helps make a good
> lap time here.  I was seeing redline in 3rd gear, which is about 85 mph.
> Even the slalom was a second gear thing - these are usually first gear
> in a parking lot.  I bet Steve had his foot in it all the way around the
> track!  Steve's car is impressive in the turns, because the 4KQ leans,
> takes a set, and then drives through the whole turn.  There are NO
> bobbles at all throughout the entire turn!  Those Koni shocks, and
> Steve's driving are impeccable!  Noone does turns as smoothly as Steve and
> his Q.

Thanks for the compliment ;-)  I was pretty much at full throttle everwhere 
except going into a couple of turns.  The car really lacks power on a road 
course.  I also hit the rev limiter in 3rd gear on the back stretch (I do nto 
know what speed that equates to... anyone?) on two runs when I got through 
the slalom before the straight correctly.  Around the final turn, the swamp 
turn, I was flored in 3rd gear and working the wheel to reduce drag and the 
car still did not accelerate at all;-(

It is interesting to note that the car looked smooth through the turns.  I 
thought that was the case, but I was working the wheel really hard.  I just 
love to put the car in a 4 wheel drift and work it.

I ran on some old Bridgestone RE71 Rs so I could save my good tires for the 
autoxes.  I am sure the RE71s cost me a couple of seconds a lap compared to 
BFGs... but they were more fun to drive because of the lack of grip.  They 
have less grip than good Dunlop DM street tires.

I was able to run a 95.4 lap.  I was really pleased.  I figure the car could 
have done high 80s if I ran better tires and was willing to risk putting the 
car in the fence.... not worth it!
> Later, ----------------------------------------------------------
> Graydon D. Stuckey      '85 Mazda RX7 GS, no toys
> graydon@apollo.gmi.edu  '86 Audi 5000 CS Turbo Quattro, has toys
> Flint, Michigan USA     '89 Thunderbird SC, lotsa toys


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