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Re: Out of Warranty Repairs...

     As I posted a few months back, my experience in obtaining an out of 
     warranty repair was very positive.  At the time my wagon was only 7 
     months and/or 700 miles out of warranty so this is definitely a 
     situation where YMMV.  But when the auto trans died, well actully 
     didn't die but just developed the nasty habit of spewing auto trans 
     fluid out the breather onto a hot catalytic converter and refusing to 
     shift into fourth gear, I wasn't very optimistic about receiving help 
     from Audi.  But the final result was that Audi picked up the complete 
     cost of replacing my transmission.  The dealer (Premier Motors in 
     Albuquerque) took care of everything.  Their feeling was that the 
     transmission should not have done that and in two or three days they 
     had an authorization from Audi of America.  It took another two weeks 
     for them to get the new transmission, a couple of days to complete the 
     installation and that was it.  To say the least, I was very impressed. 
     Impressed enough that any maintenance I can't perform myself will be 
     done by that dealer.
     Albuquerque, NM, USA
     92 100 CSQW (With 3K miles on new transmission)
     90 Mazda 626 GT