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Oil consumption question

I'm helping a buddy of mine buy a used Audi...ideally he's looking for a
1990 100Q...has not been able to find a reasonable one in New England.

This car is for his son, so he wants a safe, reliable car, with an airbag,
and preferably a Quattro...

He did find a 1990 100Q with 140K miles on it...price is reasonable and
he's considering it...

He did also find a well kept 1992 100S with 80K. It's not a Quattro, and
the current owner reports oil consumption of 1 quart per 2200 miles.

This seems high to me. What *is* reasonable for an Audi 6 cylinder with
this kind of mileage? What could be wrong with it to cause this amount of
oil consumption?

BTW, if anyone does know of a 100Q with an airbag for sale in NE, drop me
a note!



1990 Audi 200T 72K
1988 Volvo 745T 120K

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