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RE: 130mph

Not sure if you ever got an answer to this. Sales guy told me that the
91's are NOT speed limited. That began in 92. My owners manual says that
"The tires shipped with this automobile are rated for less than what
Audi considers to be the top speed. Do Not Excede 130 mph. " Nothing on
my wood trim - but an extra warning in the owners leather pouch.  I was
in Montana last week - driving a pickup and camper at 60mph (boring).
Traffic was moving around 80 - saw a 200q around Missoula  hitting
around 90. Made me envious!!

>From: 	Peter Henriksen
>Sent: 	Tuesday, July 02, 1996 11:12 AM
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>Subject: 	RE: 130mph
>More importantly (to me :-): does my 91 200 have a limiter? I haven't
>been to Montana yet to try bouncing off one :-)
>There's a note on a sticker (ugh!) on the wood trim that says that
>tirelimited top speed is 130mph, so I assume that means that there *is*
>a limiter. If so, I'd be interested in the location of said wire too.
>- peter henriksen, peterhe@microsoft.com, issaquah, wa
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>>On Mon, 1 July 1996, Eric Fletcher wrote:
>>>THe S4 has a built in 130mph limiter (Which can be easily disabled with
>>>the removal of a single wire...)
>>Which wire is it? Anything special one should know when disabling the
>>Pierre & Lauraine
>>'92 S4 & '89 100