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86 4kcsg for sale

For sale: '86 audi 4000CS Quattro for sale.  130000 miles. good shape!
Everything works except AC and cruise control.  Has electric seat heaters
and every thing else except leather and computer. It has 4 new tires, new
ANSA sport exhaust, and new brake Master cylinder.  Also has Craig AM/FM CD
Player.  I would like to now get 1850 firm for it. I am workig in Los
Angeles for the next 2 months and don't have a lot of time to show it. I'm
giving it away folks! The car is located in Houston and
has no rust.  Anyone interested?  Drop me a line at Leaguecity@AOL.com.  You
can also page me at 713-908-0710  it will reach me anywhere in the
continental US.