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1990 V8 or 92 VW Passat for sale

Ok Folks,

Heres the deal, one of the following cars HAS to go.  I'll entertain offers for

1990 V8 	Pearl White / Black Leather Interior
	85K (or so) miles
	Auto (old tranny software)
	UFO brakes (needs new pads but no problems with rotors).

	Is $12,000 fair?  I think book WHOLESALE is around $13,500
More Info:
	Almost new Eagle dual channel Aquatread tires
	remote mount radar detector
	Timing belt done @ about 75K (with idler pulleys)
	New radiator, new battery, new alt brushes, rear brake pads, parking
brake cable,
	engine strong and so is transmission

Bad stuff: 
	surges a little - prolly needs o2 sensor
	drivers door lock stiff but functional
	rust spots (smaller than pinky tip) on area under healdight wipers)
	some peeling of the black undercoating behind the front wheels
	one of the rear windows doesn't work (can't remember which and I don't
think its the regulator, prolly a switch or relay) this problem was reported to
me by my mother and I have yet to check it out.
	some slight craking on the wood in the dash
	oh, and its missing the little metal thingy on one of the wheels that
covers the hub (about 1.5inches in diameter).

1992 VW Passat GL
	Tornado Red/Black Cloth interior
	82,800 miles (actually less as the odo reads 6% high)
	5 speed
	Power tilt and swivel sunroof
	Heated seats, mirrors, windshield washer nozzles
	Power door locks, windows.
	Alloy Rims w/ dunlop D60A2 (80% tread remaining)
	Bentley Manual
	set of 4 Blizzaks (less than 1000miles on them)	
	Factory driving lights
	Cabin air pollen filtration kit (thanks to Peter Coulter)
	k&N air filter
	Mud flaps (factory)
	Floor mats (factory and fairly worn out on drivers side)
Other info:
	Everything works - no mechanical prollems, uses less than 1qt per 3K
	Timing belt done at 65K, tranny fluid cahnged, dist cap, plugs, fuel
filter, front pads all done within 10K miles ago.
	Interior in great shape
	Exterior is slightly oxidized with a few chips on the hood (touch up
paint is included)
	One dent on rocker panel below passenger front door (black stone guard
area and not very noticable)

	I'd like to get about $7500-$7700 for this car.  Any offers????
One of these cars WILL be sold or the V8 goes to the wholesaler within a few
weeks (when the Volvo 960 arrives - don't ask...)  for an amount just under the
above number.  It would be nice to see one of these cars go to someone who can
appreciate it.  BTW both cars are located in central Maine.

If anyone is sincerely interested - please e-mail me direct and we can set up a
time for a phone call.  I am out of town most of the time.  You can also leave
me voice mail at 1800-861-6681 mailbox number 399-4534

PS:   Dan,  what do I need to do to get this on the Ad pages you have ( I am
currently text limited)

Soon to be V8-less