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RE: Faster A4

I spoke to the people at Schaumberg Audi and they told me the Throttle body 
will not void the warranty.  It is recognized in all 50 states, and many 
dealers are aware of it.  Only problem could be if the unit fails, and would 
be the contributing or main factor in engine failure/damage.  But even AoA had 
two cars done, the guy said, so....

Jon Linkov
Blue A4Q

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Subject: 	Faster A4

I got my A4 about two months ago (after agonizing on whether to get another 
BMW3) and I'm thrilled with it.  Except (you guessed it) the old girl just 
doesn't come off the line the way I'd like.

What can be done that won't make the warranty go away?  Throttle body?  Chip 

I'd appreciate any ideas.