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Re: Waxy Sh** Removal

I heard steam is not too bad, but don't hold mne to that.

Royal,Paul wrote:
> The engine on my recently purchased 90Q20v is caked with that waxy sh**
> that they put on new cars to "protect" them (I can't remember the name
> for it).
> I rmoved much of it from the aluminum runners with a light rubbing of
> steel wool which produced much dust and metal sawdust from the steel wool
> (I swept it away with an airhose but hated getting that crap all over the
> engine).
> I can't take looking at it.  Any advice on cleaners that will work
> without damaging rubber or metal parts in the engine bay.
> The other thing I'd like to know about is whether or not anybody has
> successfully installed or can recommend a small high performance
> subwoofer or base tube.  The former owner spent serious bucks on a new CD
> system only six months ago.  I want to save on space in an already
> inadequate
> trunk and am not seeking to enrage my neighbors...I'm just looking for
> those clean bass sounds.
> Thanks in advance
> Paul Royal
>  1990 90Q20v
>  1987 5Ks
>  1967 SS/RS Camaro