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Re: 81 coupe brake upgrades

R. Tonge writes:
> Just got back from a totally awsome trip to canada (Jasper, Banff, Radium
> Hot Springs etc - 1600 miles in 4 days and totally trouble free - good
> these audi's !!) and experienced brake fade a couple of times on some
> sharp gradients. I was wondering if anyone has upgraded the brakes on the
> coupe from the solid disk setup upfront - I assume there must be a vented
> setup somewhere. Also has anyone put disks on the rear of these - I
> believe some of the 87 coupe's had rear disks ?? will they fit and is it a
> big job ?

Yes and yes.  See separate thread on this list about these conversions.
If your 81 coupe has 4x100mm wheel bolt pattern (as opposed to 4x108mm)
it will make the conversion even easier, as the VW Scirocco 16V brakes
(10.1" vented front discs and calipers, 8.9" rear discs) will bolt right
on to your car.  My 80 4000 was modified in this fashion and the improvement
was incredible.

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