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Re: CD changer for Bose on 95 A6Q

ScharfR@aol.com on Mon, 8 Jul 1996 01:28:03 -0400 wrote:

>There is an adapter kit that is now offered by Audi to fit the new
>Audi/Alpine 6-disc CD changer to the older cars which used the Delta/Bose
>radios.  It is also a cheaper solution than the 10-disc changer and the
>Alpine changer is much more reliable than the old (Sony, disguised as a)

I was wondering....I think have a Sony ten disc CD changer CDX-30?? (not sure
on the exact model number), which is *not* an RF (radio transmitting) model -
would I be able to hook it up to the S4's stock radio? (which has CD changer
control capability)

I realize I may need a converter of sorts, if available....