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Re: Removing 90/CQ speakers-front

     You are starting on the wrong side.  The speakers are removed from the 
     top.  The grills will pull up and then you need a right angle phillips 
     screwdriver.  The grills will come off easier if you let the car sit 
     in the sun for a while.  I replaced mine with some nice Alpines.  I 
     don't recall the model.
     Tim NJ 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: Removing 90/CQ speakers-front
Author:  RELAYER@aol.com at Internet
Date:    7/8/96 9:30 PM

OK, fellow Q heads.... 
My '90 Coupe Quattro's front speakers sound so bad (LO-FI), they must be 
replaced soon!....NOW, what do you all suggest as a quality speaker brand 
and/or model that would fit nicely in the front dash, and how do you remove 
them in the first place?  I'v been on my back in the passenger footwell for 
quite a while, and i still don't see an obvious way to remove the front 
speakers....who knows the "trick"?
1st - I replace the Speakers
2nd - I upgrade to a CD player!
3rd - I buy all the Pink Floyd remaster CDs!
Christian J long
1990 90
1990 CQ