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Engine light fixed, NOT!

I thought it was fixed,

After my post yesterday and the weather allowed I checked my duty cycle.  It was
up to 70-80%, so it was lean.  OK, I reset it to the correct % and figured I was
OK though why was it off?

As I was getting the breather hose to reconnect to the valve cover I noticed a
vaccum line off.  Down near the bottom of the bomb juice bottle.  a purple
plastic line.  So I put it back in and rechecked the DC%.  Now it was rich,  I
reset it again and pulled the line of again and it went back to 80%.

So it should be fixed.  The light only came on when I had high vaccum and no

Not fixed though.  I still get a light though more briefly than before.  I'm not
too worried though.  As time and a cool engine permit I will look for more leaks
I guess.  Maybe the IC-TB hose someone sudjested.

Thanks for all the replies